Thursday, March 27, 2014

Late Night Painting

I started painting in the later evenings when my girls were consistently staying up late to work on homework. They liked having the company. I liked getting in the extra uninterrupted painting time. I am a morning person but adjusted to the later nights pretty well. A good boost of caffeine usually helps.

This is last night's up late project. I had an old plein air painting that was a bit dull but I liked the shape of the pines and the composition. It was to be my inspiration for the evening. I didn't really have a goal other than getting in some painting time and trying something a little different. Changing the color changed the feel from the foggy overcast light to an evening light. I usually don't paint with black but thought I would experiment with it. It was on my palette from another late night session where I was copying a Rembrandt painting. I limited myself to cad red, yellow ochre and ivory black.
I find it good to set out of my normal every once in a while. I don't want to get to comfortable. Sometimes these experiments work out well other times you stack them up in the reuse category. Either way you end up learning something. So far this one seems to be working out okay. Still in progress. I will post again when complete.
Painting in Progress

Plein Air Painting


This blog will be where I post what I am working on and what's on my easel. It will include small projects, doodles, studies for new pieces and works in progress. My hope is that it will be a way for you to up on what I am doing.