Monday, July 7, 2014

3D sidewalk chalk art

For Independence Day I did a 3D chalk drawing on the driveway. This was a test run. I have done one of these before but not this big. It worked out pretty well but I learned a few things. First it is pretty exhausting going up and down to draw and check. Felt like I was doing hundreds of burpies. Also it sure eats up the chalk. This is about 20'x12' which is quite a big area to cover.  Doesn't look nearly that high because of the angle though. The large size made it a little tough to photograph with a person in it. I think if I move the viewing point further away from the drawing that should help. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Evening in Prior Lake

A couple of weeks ago I spent the evening painting in Prior Lake. This was before all the rain and the flooding. This painting is from the bridge on Hwy 21 looking west towards the marina. I was joined by several of the fishermen that fish on either side of the bridge. Not sure if they were catching anything but it sure was a great night to spend at the lake.

Prior Lake Marina 9"x12"
While I was painting this painting a 12 or 13 yr old boy and a girl came up to me. I think they were brother and sister. The boy put out his hand holding $5 and said "I think your painting is so great I want to give you this." I thanked him and told him to keep his money. He was very sweet. I think that was the first time I was ever offered money just because someone liked looking at a painting.
Lake Front Park Sunset 8"x10"
As I finished the marina painting I watched the clouds begin to open up. With the sun close to setting I headed to the highest point I know in Prior Lake, the top Lake Front Park hill by the tennis courts. As I hoped the sky opened up enough to let the sun peek through before disappearing behind the horizon. I figured I had 20 to 30 mins before it was gone so I worked quickly, finishing up just after the sun set and the mosquitoes came out. It is a good exercise to paint such a fleeting subject. You have to respond quickly and not over think things.

Prior Lake Stadium

Dropped my son off at football practice a month ago and decided to squeeze in a painting. The football field was getting a make over so I was able to slip in the construction entrance and onto the track.  It was awful quiet when I painted this, very different from a typical fall friday night.
Contact me if you would like to purchase. 8'x10'