Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Nickelodeon Universe

Last night while my wife Heidi was taking a class at the Apple store I did a little painting in Nickelodeon Universe. Nickelodeon Universe is the theme park in the Mall of America. It is a great place to paint. It's indoor but mostly naturally lit by a huge glass skylight. It feels like painting outside without the challenges of the elements. I was sitting at a table on the second level looking down on the park. It was not real busy probably because it was a Monday. One of the best parts of painting the park are all the wonderful colors. Colors that I don't see when painting outdoors. Usually I need to dial back the vibrance of the colors when I paint outdoors to make the painting believable. Here I had to pump them up. This is the second time I painted in the park. The first was over the Christmas break of last year. I painted with my daughter Leah. The results weren't as good. Half way through the painting the park lights were turned off. Since it was evening I had to try to finish from memory. I am pleased with this one though. I did miss the company of my daughter though.
Approx 8"x10", Casein