Sunday, November 27, 2016

Challenge Complete

12 Paintings in 24 Hours. Here are the 12 paintings I painted yesterday. I started at 6:30 am, Saturday and finished around 1:30 am, Sunday. All were completed in Scott County, Mn in less than 24 hours. They are all Casein on paper. 
7:05 am Murphy Lake
7:53 am Frosted Sunrise
9:33 am Green House
11:33 am Edge of Wetland
12:09 pm White Barn
2:06 pm Depot
4:14 pm Bargain Betty
5:08 pm Sunset on Hills
6:51 pm Store Front
8:41 pm St John The Baptist
10:20 pm Late Shopping
11:38 pm Factory Steam

Friday, November 25, 2016

12 Paintings in 24 Hours

Tomorrow, Saturday November 26, I will be doing a 24 hour painting challenge.
At 7 am I will start a 24 hour plain air painting session where my goal is to paint 12 paintings. I will be staying in Scott County and try to paint in the cities of Prior Lake, Savage, New Prague, Jordan and Shakopee. 

I don't have a schedule of the places I will be at, Im' hoping to work my way from town to town stopping at places that catch my eye. I might chose a spot hoping to be able to paint two views. That may be hard though. I have several places in mind but won't limit myself to them. With travel time and setup I will have to paint quickly to complete the challenge. One painting on average every 2 hours is a bit ambitious. I think my best day out painting on the North shore was 6 paintings in a day, but that was in oil and for an easel. I plan on painting in casein and mostly from my car.. I'll stay in my car since the weather is not ideal for painting with a water based paint like casein. As the temp approaches 32° the paint will stiffen up and could freeze.
As the sun sets I will need to find places that are interesting and pretty well lit. I am thinking factories, grain elevators and shopping areas might give me the best options.

I love to paint so I am excited for this challenge but worry as the day ends I will get a little burt out and be quite tired. That will either decrease the quality of the paintings or force me to be more direct with my brush strokes and prevent me from over working a painting. I hope it will be the latter. With some luck I can gat a little ahead on the painting count during the day so I can be a little more relaxed for the evening. Not too relaxed, though, I don't want too fall asleep.

On Facebook I will be posting photos as I go of paintings and possibly locations all through the challenge.

Also check back here for photos of all the paintings after I am done. Thanks

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Studio Open House Painting Preview

Over the past several years i have been working on large studio paintings based on my plain air work.  December 2, 5pm to 8pm and December 3 10 am to 4pm I will be having a Studio Open House. It is a great opportunity to purchase view and purchase some of my latest work. These paintings are of places that made an impression on me. Some are places I have visited many times while others were once in a lifetime locations. While they were based on plain air paintings I adjusted the compositions to best convey the feelings I had when I painted them. Below are several of these paintings.